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About Us

Real Estate Development and Construction Experts Through Vision & Integrity

Today many organizations are turning to outside sources for help with their expansion of activities. Serene Global’s close-knit team of professionals provides organizations with the opportunity to have additional resources while significantly reducing the risk and the length of time for development. Serene Global is a Real Estate Development and Construction company providing services in the areas of project management, commercial construction, marketing, construction design, land development, and fund-development programs for not-for-profit and for-profit organizations.

Our group of professionals possess a wealth of knowledge that can be used to benefit your organization. Having a collaborative relationship and external resources, allows the client organization to focus on what they do best (day-to-day business). Serene Global will concentrate on the areas that need improvement, and on the organization’s development for the future. As a management partner, we help our clients accomplish their goals to the fullest potential.

Serene Global’s experts and their valuable experience are available to each client organization for the duration of the project. Think of us as the “Real Estate Development and Construction experts through vision and integrity” partnering with client organizations to make the client’s project a success.

Our Core Value

Our business and our people are driven by our core values … it’s what defines us!


our relentless pursuit to delivering great products and exceptional service


contributing to our communities and demonstrating corporate social responsibility


respecting diversity and driving with inclusion, not exclusion


pursuing new designs and creative ideas to give our clients the best in today’s market


acting with honesty and honoring our commitments and promises


treating our clients as partners, and treating their vision as our own


hiring the best in the industry, as our people define who we are as a company


instilling the best of work ethics and quality into everything we do